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Jonny Walker, Man of the People,
Busker and Activist

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Jonny Walker

Jonny Walker passed away on Wednesday 14th March and ever since the news hit on facebook, 1,000s of Jonny's listeners and viewers have been commenting and grieving for the loss of such a beloved man.

Jonny knew how to reach out and connect, a rare thing in today's society. He helped different causes from the homeless, special needs to his own campaign to 'Keep Streets Live'. He busked with the likes of Billy Bragg, Mark Thomas, Bill Bailey in Camden to fight for busker's rights. He even accompanied Jamie Olivier at a wedding, as well as being the people's choice for their own weddings, having seen him playing on the streets somewhere.

Jonny was a father, a son, a brother, a friend and a man of the people. He will be missed by many and as time goes on, his amazing legacy will live on.

On Saturday 7th April, his family, friends and his fans are joining together in 6 different locations, Leeds, Liverpool, Norwich, York, Harrogate and Hebden Bridge for a minutes silence and to sing his favourite song, 'Let it Be' by the Beatles.

Meet at 10am

Everyone will meet at 10am and the minutes silence will commence at 10.30am. Then the song, 'Let It Be' will be heard in the 6 locations around the UK and in people's living rooms too.

Jean O'Neil from New York said on Facebook when she knew the event was happening

"10:00am will be 5:00am here. I am in the USA in New York. I will set my alarm I will sing so loud you will hear me across the ocean! My neighbours will really love me at 5:00am"

This is a time to remember Jonny and the joy he brought to a lot of people around the U.K. and the world. As well as singing many of his idols' songs, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, The Smiths, Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan and The Stone Roses to name but a few on his list.

Jonny wrote his own music and released an EP called 'This Is Not Me' that is available on iTunes and he was a accomplished singer songwriter himself. He learnt guitar off the legendary Jon Gomm and he was influenced by The Beatles from an early age, as well as learning from his dad, now a retired vicar who performed regularly in his Church.

Jonny lived a full life were busking and music was in his very soul.

"Music and the streets are a perfect combination. No two days are the alike. The possibilities for connection and encounter between people from all walks of life are endless. I love the freedom and spontaneity that street music helps to release." Jonny Walker

Remembering Jonny Walker on Facebook