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Toilets in the Park re-open

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Calderdale Council have been working on the public toilets in Calder Holmes Park, Hebden Bridge and have now re-opened the general use (unisex) toilet, which opens with 20p, as well as the accessible toilet which is available to disabled people with a RADAR key. 

The toilets are in the centre of the park, in the same building as Park Life café. The accessible toilet door is on the south end wall of the building, facing the river, so is hard to see from any distance.

The toilets will be open until the end of September. They are opened around 8am and are locked at around 7.30pm each evening, along with all the other toilets in Hebden Bridge. After that time, the accessible toilet on New Road (next to Hope Baptist Church) remains available with use of a RADAR key only.

Information provided by Calderdale facilities manager, via Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum.