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Loop the Loop - a new guideLoop the Loop - a new guide

Friday, 26 October 2018

Thanks to funding from Calder Ward Forum, Hebden Bridge Walkers Action have produced a new route guide for a great circular walking route which joins together the Pennine Way and The Loop (“the best walk in the area” one walker has said).

All of the walk is on good paths and it is well signposted with lots of spectacular views.

The whole walk is about six miles but it’s easy to split up in to three sections:

• Hebden Bridge to Heptonstall
• Heptonstall to Callis
• Callis to Hebden Bridge 

You can get a bus to the start and finish of each section.

The new guide (price £1) gives full directions and a map, and is available from HB visitor centre, Mountain Wild and online here