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Nutclough housing coop seeks a whole new group of members

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Nutclough Housing Co-op at The Nutclough Tavern is in need of a new cohort of members to take on the Co-op and the 8-bedroom building with community room.

Since the entire membership agreed in August to resign and make way for new people, the Co-op is now made up of temporary members, looking to pass on the baton.

Cath Muller from Cornerstone Housing Coop in Leeds, speaking on behalf of the temporary members, said, "While the finances are tight, there is some wiggle room.  However, applicant groups will need to deal with the challenges of structural work on the roof and some significant refurbishment.  We will also require the majority of the group to be trained in understanding, developing and implementing the financial plan we've drafted."

The deadline for applications is 10th March 2019, though expressions of interest are encouraged before then. 

Applicants should download a questionnaire after Jan 11th 2019 by clicking here

For more information or to express interest, contact nutcloughcontinuity@gmail.com.