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Friday, 27 September 2019

The Future of Hebden Bridge’s Economy

A discussion about challenges & opportunities

Monday 7th October 2019 - 6.30pm – 9.00pm

In autumn 2019 it’s possible to foresee a range of challenges facing Hebden Bridge in the next few years: disruption to the local economy from flood alleviation works; transport access issues; retail vacancies; economic uncertainty relating to Brexit, and more. But there are also opportunities: for businesses and people. It’s important to have a conversation now about how the town can anticipate and respond to all this in a positive way.

We want to hear from businesses, employees and individuals about what we can do collectively. Everyone welcome to contribute!

Meeting organised by Hebden Bridge Partnership and Hebden Bridge Community Association


Where are we now? – a “temperature take” Short presentations / thoughts from a range of local stakeholders with diverse perspectives: “the view from....”

  • Calderdale MBC – Cllr Jane Scullion
  • Calrec – a major local employer (Speaker tbc)
  • Hebden Bridge Business Forum (Speaker tbc)
  • Visitor Economy – Stephen Curry
  • Culture & the Arts (Speaker tbc)

We hope to also have perspectives from a local property owner and from Calder High School giving an education / young people perspective.

Challenges & Opportunities: the chance to have your say (short slots). To register your interest in advance: contact graham@hebdenbridgetownhall.org.uk

Where do we go from here? Taking this forward/ What do we want to pursue as collaborative actions across the community?/ Who else do we want to involve ?