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Zero waste map launched

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Unable to find a good guide to zero waste shops, recycling and repairing, a local woman has created both a website and an app to help others reduce and reuse.

Sero waste map

Rebecca Dearden, who lives in Blackshawhead, developed the Zero Waste Map UK website and app to pinpoint shops and cafés that use minimal packaging, recycling facilities, places to borrow and share items as well as repairers and making workshops.

In less than a week, the map has had more than 2,000 uses. And it's growing.

"I've started with a focus on Calderdale, but the map is already extending into neighbouring areas," she says. "It makes sense to go beyond our 'borders' because so many people commute into and out of the area or go to visit friends and family."

There are more than a hundred locations already on the map, and the website and app also include interesting reading about zero waste and a form for submitting new places.

"From the feedback so far, I can see there's a real need," says Rebecca. "People have told me they've been inspired to learn about new places and by the sheer number. My only worry is that it'll just get too big for me to handle!"

The app (for iOS and Android) can be downloaded for  free here and the  website is here.