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Free School Meals protest at Craig Whittaker's office

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Photo: Neil Terry

Young people from the Calder Valley dressed as school dinner ladies to targetted the office of Calder Valley's Conservative MP, Craig Whittaker on Sunday, 1st November in protest at his vote to deny vulnerable children meals during school holidays.

They delivered empty plates bearing messages of protest to his offices in Brighouse.

They broadcast the event in advance by setting up a Facebook page offering to collect plates bearing messages from people unable to leave their homes to take part personally, such as disabled and elderly people.

One of the organisers, music student Isaac Hughes-Dennis, told Hebweb, “We have taken it on ourselves to take community action.

“We have had children painting plates, older people who are in isolation.

“The activists dressed up as dinner ladies to deliver the plates with messages that people across the community have painted against his decision to say ‘no’ to school meals for children in poverty.”

Messages included: "Shame on You Craig Whittaker," "Out of the Mouths of babes......," "Disgrace!" and the rather less subtle "Scum!"

Thanks to Peter Lazenby for this item