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Handmade Parade events in 2014

Monday, 3 February 2014

le tour de france

The Handmade Parade presents a new event in the preparations for the Tour de France in Yorkshire. They will be creating a revolutionary and brilliant parade in Todmorden. The Fantastical Cycle Parade will be a ride through the streets of Tod with bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, scooters, prams and wheelchairs transformed into all manner of strange and wonderful mechanical creatures and pedal-powered contraptions.

As ever, there will be workshops - this time with bikes, scooters, prams etc, to transform them into fantastical creatures to take part in the parade.

Cycle Parade

Handmade Parade's Giant Snail at the Manchester Day Parade, 2013
Photo: Craig Shaw

Bike art workshops begin April 12

Parade and Street Festival April 26, Todmorden, 1-4pm

The Fantastical Cycle Parade is part of Yorkshire Festival 2014, a 100 days cultural festival throughout Yorkshire organised in the lead up to the Tour de France's Grand Depart – the first in its 111 year history.

Hebden Bridge's 7th annual Handmade Parade: Dates

Spark Day will be 1 March, 2-4pm (this is where you help us dream up a theme for this year's parade)

Open Workshops will begin on May 17

Hebden Bridge Parade on Sunday, June 8, 2014