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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Good Friday, 18th April in Weaver's Square, Heptonstall


Pace Egg 2014

The crowds are parting, giving Neil Hope-Collins a wide berth. He's clearing the path for the combatants behind him, as they make their way slowly up the hill.

Stuart Hought is leading in the white jersey with his famous star motif, closely followed by Jimmy Green in his now familiar grey jersey (or did he just mix his whites with his coloureds in the wash?).

David Burnop in his highly experimental headwear is making the most of it's aerodynamic properties as he closes on the front runners. He pauses for a quick swig of his own recipe medicinal brew to help him on his way.

Andy Carter in the black jersey with the gold trim isn't pushing at all, almost ambling along, laid back in his signature sunglasses. Sydney Roper in his long white jersey and cap follows next, sharing good natured banter with the public as the group pass by.

The young blood of the group Rowan Carter is vying for position, his red jersey flashing in the sunlight. Tailing, last but definitely not least, is the ladies' favourite Dean Gash, pausing to entertain the crowd as the group weave up the hill narrowly avoiding a bus. What's this you say? Le Tour has arrived early? No, of course not. This is the traditional procession of Heptonstall Pace Eggers making their way to their next performance in Weaver's Square this Good Friday.

They would welcome your attendance, especially if you also weave up the hill to Heptonstall by foot or public transport. Or yes, for the fittest amongst you, even by bike!

Please avoid bringing your horseless carriage, parking is very limited.

This year collection will be for: McMillan Nurses and Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team. Members of the search and rescue team will be collecting.

Pace Egg 2012

Pace Egg play 2012 - photo: HebWeb

Performance times are as follows in Weaver's Square:

11.15 am Heptonstall Pace Egg

12.30 pm Heptonstall Pace Egg

2.00 pm Heptonstall Pace Egg

3.00pm Midgley Pace Egg (Calder High Players)

4.00pm Heptonstall Pace Egg

The cast are:

Compare MC Juggler Neil Hope-Collins

St George Stuart Hought

Bold Slasher Jimmy Green

The Doctor David Burnop

Black Prince Andy Carter

King of Egypt Sydney Roper

Hector Rowan Carter

Toss Pot Dean Gash


Calder High Pace Egg play

Calder High Pace Egg play

Calder High cast

Saint George - Sam Haywood-Everett
The Fool - Jack Deighton
Bold Slasher/Hector - Chico Kerouac
Black Prince of Paradine - David Wright
King of Egypt - Jed Kuterescz
Tosspot - Thomas Jennings

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