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See photos from the 2015 Pace Egg Play

Good Friday, 3rd April in Weaver's Square, Heptonstall


Pace Egg 2014

St George he went a-wandering, along the Pennine Way
He went up hill and then down dale, and thought that he might stay
Bold Slasher went a-wandering a-looking for a fight
He came upon St George up high. Have a go?
Yes he thought he might
The Doctor went a-wandering regardless of the weather
A bottle of nipnap in his hand, he said "Ee well I never"
The Prince he went a-wandering, making his bells to ring
After a while he started to flag, and then he started to sing
The King he went a-wandering, a-wandering by himself
He got lost among the hills, he thought he saw an elf!
Hector went a-wandering, or rather more a-run
He found the others up the hill, and asked to join the fun
Tosspot came a-capering, he followed a diversion
He got the drinks in down the pub, and then? Its not quite certain
And so dear reader do come out, come find the Pennine Loop
To Hebden Bridge. To Heptonstall. To cheer our merry troupe

The Hillmillies as always will be dancing between performances.

Pace Egg 2014

Pace Egg play 2014 - photo: HebWeb

This year collection will be for:

Tumaini Education Trust, which provides funding and support to Tumaini Senior Primary School and Pepo La Tumaini community in Isiolo, Kenya.

Heptonstall Village Team, which runs events in the village, especially for the elderly, to support them and bring them together through social events and counter social isolation - members of the Team will be collecting.

Pace Egg 2014

Pace Egg play 2014 - photo: HebWeb

Performance times are as follows in Weaver's Square:

11.15 am Heptonstall Pace Egg

12.30 pm Heptonstall Pace Egg

2.00 pm Heptonstall Pace Egg

3.00pm Midgley Pace Egg (Calder High Players)

4.00pm Heptonstall Pace Egg

The cast are:

Master of Ceremonies, Neil Hope-Collins

St George, Stuart Hought

Bold Slasher, Jimmy Green

The Doctor, David Burnop

Black Prince, Andy Carter

King of Egypt, Sydney Roper

Hector, Rowan Carter

Toss Pot, Dean Gash

Pace Egg Extra

As part of a day of activities to mark the launch of the new PENNINE WAY LOOP there will be an extra one-off performance of the play in Weavers Square on 25th Saturday April at 2pm or soon after.

Pace Egg 2014

Pace Egg play 2014 - photo: HebWeb

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