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Support still needed by scores of Hebden Bridge businesses

Monday, 1 February 2016

Thanks to Bob Deacon for this report

While some of Hebden Bridge is bouncing back many shops and pubs and cafes will be shut for months and need financial support to re-open.

There is an urgent need to support the Calderdale Rising Crowd Funding scheme which will support about 70 Hebden Bridge business including Park Life Café and the Swan.

Calderdale Rising Crowd Funding scheme

Bob Deacon, Chair of Hebden Bridge Partnership said that part of the reason there are so many HB entities involved is because we arranged with the organisers to extend the time by which businesse could join till after the Flood recovery Public Meeting we held on January 16th.

He added, "I do hope those of us with connections to richer people and businesses can think who to email about this within the next days. For those of us in Hebden Bridge or frequent visitors the most painless way to support is to buy a Love Hebden VIP card for £25 which gives loads of discounts on local shops for a year from March 1st; continuing the Christmas Totally Locally Festival Fandango which got a bit washed out!"

The current appeal is set to end on February 12th.

For those with money, the sky is the limit for donations - Afghan Rug for £1600?

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