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Hebden Bridge Station lifts not working

Update: Thursday 4 April - lifts now working again.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

This is important information for disabled (and other) travellers - one of the new lifts at Hebden Bridge Station is closed for repairs.

Information given to Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum by Network Rail on Friday, 29 March is that they are awaiting a part for the door which should be fixed in the coming week. Northern, via Network Rail, say that station staff and train conductors should be informing passengers. There are no notices currently at the station (apparently station staff say they are awaiting printing).

Network Rail say that they apologise for the problems, and they say, "Unfortunately, we sometimes find some technical difficulties immediately following lift commissioning which is why we keep a site presence to deal with any snagging issues until we are satisfied that the lifts are working as we would expect. This is usually up to a couple of weeks after commissioning. It is during this period that any faults or technical problems which may affect their performance are identified and dealt with."

Thanks to Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum for this news: they will inform the HebWeb with any further updates.


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