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Woven in the Pennine Hills
Welcome to Hebden Bridge in the Yorkshire Pennines SEARCH

Civic Trust calls public meeting for 28th Jan, 7.30pm, Council offices. Main planning application now in - see Planning Watch and Forum."

Calling all cyclists - your input sought to encourage a shift from motoring to walking and cycling - 24th January


Big turn-out for Palestinian film event - 23rd Jan

Wheelie bins Are wheelie bins coming to Hebden Bridge? See news and forum - 12th January
Floods again


Hebden Bridge was just about cut off on Monday with road and rail links closed. The river broke through the wall at Stubbing Holme, houses in Oxford Street and neighbouring terraces are flooded. Left is the truck which backed into the Calder overnight, breaching the wall. The Library, Market Street and Old Gate were flooded.

More photos from the Hebweb, local photographers and a special report from 8 year old Rhiannon - 21st January

Flood warning goes at 9.05 am

Environment Agency has flood warning listed for our area. We understand that Burnley Road is closed and people are being turned round at the Turning Circle. Rain still pouring - 21st January, updated 10 am

Mayor praises "bold and far-sighted" Town Council budget - more info - 17th January

Labour calls for imaginative Calderdale Budget - more info - 11th January

Results from local schools, including Calder High - 10th January

Hebden Bridge businesses offered help to fight energy bills - more info - 8th January

Hebden Bridge Partnership news - same chairman but new name, new members and new purpose - 6th January

For latest news about transferring the Council offices building to community management see the Bridge Centre website - 4th January

Fundraising event for Palestinian Village
- added 3rd January

Chris McCafferty MP for Calder Valley has told the Hebden Bridge Web that she is both shocked and saddened by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. See news in brief - 27 Dec

Carols in the square

It was estimated that over one thousand people came down to the centre of Hebden Bridge for Carols in the Square this Christmas Eve - See previous years

Keeping it Local - New Economics Foundation workshop in Hebden Bridge - added 19 Dec

Central Street area upgrade - more info - 17 Dec

£232,000 extra for Hebden Royd - 17 Dec

Junior Band

Above: Hebden Bridge Junior Band play Gibson Mill. Click here to enlarge picture and for details about their coming busy couple of weeks including the Annual Concert - 15 Dec

Monthly steam train for Hebden Bridge - 15 Dec

Free parking in the run up to Christmas - after 3pm on a Thursday - see news in brief - 12 Dec

People's Millions award and Calder Holmes playground - your views sought - 11 Dec

Primary School Results - most schools in the Hebden Bridge area fare less well this year in spite of an improvement nationally - 8 Dec

SECOND GENERATION BROADBAND - report of 3-C's public meeting. Will Hebden Bridge be left behind again? Help campaign for local fibre - 6 Dec

500 years of the Hebden Bridge
Mark the 500th anniversary of the Old Bridge with a year long celebration, by the whole community, of the unique qualities of Hebden Bridge in 2010 - see - updated 13th Dec

Planning dispute: Calderdale accused of fraud - see Planning Watch - 4 Dec

Hebden Bridge 2032

Hebden Bridge 2032 - exhibition at the ATC

£68000 FROM PEOPLE'S MILLIONS - 28 Nov, 12.35pm,

See short film on ITV1, Calendar, at 6 pm (27th) Update and photos. ITV1's Calender and the lottery funded People's Millions will feature Calder Holmes Park - 28 Nov

Using the Freedom of Information Act - report of the public meeting at the Stubbing Wharfe - 23 Nov

Abandon support for ID cards, Lib Dems tell Chris McCafferty - more info - 22 Nov

Chris McCafferty MP seeks assurances in Parliament from David Milliband in respect of Gaza - see news in brief - 22 Nov

58 "dwellings" planned for former Mytholm Mill site - See Planning Watch - 20 Nov

TownTalk 10 - latest form Hebden Royd Council

Mayor of Hebden Royd - not quite Brain of Britain - see news in brief - 19 Nov

Linda Smith
Comedy coup for Arts Festival. Festival supporters who turned up for the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival open meeting on 15 November were the first to hear - more info - 19 Nov

Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade? Would you be interested in showing up with a silly costume and dancing down the street? More info - 17 Nov


Chris Green of Hebden Bridge was one of three short-listed for this year's Cosmopolitan Man of the Year - for his work running the White Ribbon Campaign. More info and audio interview

Houses over the River, Hebden Water - revised plans submitted - see Planning Watch - 7 Nov

Autumn Clean Up on
Saturday 17th November
More info

Bonfire: Hebden Royd mayor thanks all involved with this "fantastic event" - see HB Bonfire thread in forum

Hughes plaque at Lumb Falls

Lumb Falls plaque to remember
Ted Hughes
and "Six Young Men"
- more info and photos - 4 Nov

Niladri abandoned a well-paid theatre job to launch an ethical confectionery business. Full page Guardian article today on local chocolate maker - see news in brief - 3 Nov

Cotton Mill Express - steam train to pass through Hebden Bridge on Saturday, 3rd November - 2 Nov

Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly comes to Yorkshire
"Battlefields Without Borders: Iraqis in Crisis" CND meeting
- moe info - added 1 Nov

Town Hall

Local group initiate plans to make the Town Hall once more the heart of the local community - more info - 1 Nov

Calderdale to appoint Rural Housing Officer to to secure funding for more social and affordable housing - more info - 22 Oct

Colden "Eco-homes" land now sold a second time - to an overseas bidder according to reports reaching the Hebden Bridge Web - see story to June this year - 16 Oct

DAILY TELEGRAPH FEATURE on Hebden Bridge, home to Britain's worst industrial disaster, by Mark Piggott. A Cape Asbestos company spokesman is reported as saying 'an apology from today's management would be an empty and meaningless gesture'. Read the 3500 word article now reproduced on the Hebden Bridge Web - 6 Oct

PlasticBagFree Hebden Bridge features in main Guardian news, including a half page picture of Bag Lady Louise. BBC's Politics Show have also approached the Hebweb about the first bag free month - more info - 22 Sept

Mytholmroyd Gala

Mytholmroyd Gala - see more photos on the Mytholmroyd Net website - 22 Sept

new theatre to be named after our famous local poet, at Calder High School
- see Mytholmroyd Net
- 19 Sept

Housing Energy Grants: Hebden Bridge householders are missing out on thousands - more info - 11 Sept

Hebden Bridge's twin town of St Pol
road naming ceremony - more info - 5 Sept


HEBWEB FORUM - thousands of messages and hundreds of threads about issues affecting our town and area, all instantly searchable. Latest threads include Power in the Valley, Hebden Bridge out of control, St Pol, Dog safety, Wish List for 2008 and cable car for Hebden Bridge.

Lord Dales closes - one of the few remaining "real" shops, according to our forum correspondents. HB now has no electircal shop.

- news highlights

A sample of the hundreds of news items which have appeared on the Hebden Bridge Web over the past 12 months


Casino Royal

Hebden Bridge Picture House invited people to dress in tuxedos and cocktail dresses to celebrate its brand new Dolby Digital surround sound system, and a special screening of the new Bond movie Casino Royale. More


Casino Royal

Three new waymarked trails mean that both visitors to the town and locals are able to enjoy the paths to Hardcastle Crags, Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike without necessarily needing to take a map or guidebook. Thanks to the Hebden Bridge Walkers' Action Group.


Trident protest

A vigil as part of the nationwide protest against the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapon system.


Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane
Comes Second in World Championship
Dock Pudding Contest



Elections to Calderdale and Hebden Royd Town Council



June 2007: Plans to develop the Colden countryside are thrown out


Hebden Bridge Arts Festival - more


More nights of destruction


Hebden Bridge goes plastic bag free - more


ELAINE CONNELL, co-founder of the Hebden Bridge Web, died Monday, 1st October. See Lives Remembered


Hebden Bridge and its surroundings celebrate winning the People's Millions Big Lottery Bid which means the Town Council now have almost £100,000 to spend on the Calder Holmes play area. More


Council office latest Over 150 come along to see plans for the Council Office and give support on Saturday, 15th Dec. For latest news, info and documentation see the Bridge Centre website

Small Ads - accommodation and studio space wanted; holiday cottage in Skye and more

Discussion: Public transport in HB; Car emissions and smoking; Plastic bag campaign; removal of Waterways skip; mindless violence, and more

See History for info about the recently added Prehistoric section of the HB Local History Society

Watchdog group - report of latest meeting and form for joining Civic Trust

Accommodation - new section - bed and breakfast choices as well as offbeat "Hebden Bridge" options, eg, self catering for groups on the tops, moorland bunkhouse at 1100 feet and futons in bohemian family house

Mytholmroyd Station Mosaic
More info - 2 Sept


Steam comes to Hebden Bridge

Steam comes to Hebden Bridge
More photos and info - 9th June

Hebweb mailing list - subscribe to this list to receive occasional mailings about matters related to Hebden Bridge

Developing Hebden Bridge: Report of Wednesday's crowded public meeting at the White Lion. Garden Street development questions still unanswered. Group to revive Civic Trust - 14th June


Stepping Out exhibition

STEPPING OUT photomosaic
Come and see the biggest photograph mosaic in Yorkshire made from over 800 photos of local steps. More info - 22nd July

Berringden Brow audio: Stories of Love and Misunderstanding - nine alsations, two hearings and a star witness. Go to the Hebweb radio section to listen to the latest excerpt or subscribe to the Berringden Brow podcast

Is the image of Hebden Bridge as a town of "hippies wearing hand-knitted jumpers, eating wholefood and smoking roll-ups" now outdated?
Penny Wainwright writing in the January edition of Yorkshire Life seems to think so. More info

Hebden Bridge History Group - see dozens of photos of old Hebden Bridge
Hebweb Online Columns



  • BERRINGDEN BROW: Memoirs of Single Mother with a Crush- a novel by local author Jill Robinson published as a book by Pennine Pens. Read online samples

  • Sylvia Plath Forum - hundreds of thousands of words discussing this US poet, buried in Heptonstall.

  • Poems from Glyn Hughes
    - see features

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