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Heart Unions week

From Kevin Stannard

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Your readers may not be aware, but this week is Heart Unions week. I wonder how many of your readers are actually members of a union?

In the past, unions have been subject to very negative press, even being accused of being "the enemy", yet it is unions which have the backs of ordinary working people.

On average union members get higher pay than non-members, and, in these times of increased energy bills and rising inflation generally, unions will be stepping up to represent the needs of our members.

Ordinary working people should not be paying the price for the crisis and unions will be trying to ensure that workers can make ends meet or even have a decent standard of living, no matter what the press say! In other areas too, unions influence better workplace conditions such as sick pay and holidays and even fundamental things such as ensuring a safe workplace (which has been especially important during covid). Did you know that it was trades unions who proposed the furlough scheme which helped so many through the pandemic?

More than anything trades unions ensure that workers are treated with respect and, by standing together, that unscrupulous bosses do not ride rough shod over their workers. We at Calderdale Trades Council bring together union branches and members in our area to campaign on issues affecting working people in their workplaces and their communities.

If any of your readers would like any information on joining a trades union or would like to contact Calderdale Trades Council, then they can email us at info@calderdaletuc.org.uk.

Kevin Stannard
Secretary, Calderdale Trades Council

Web: calderdaletuc.org.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/calderdaletuc
Twitter: @calderdaletuc