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Ukraine: Refugees and War

From Simon David Stewart

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Having trouble getting here, getting relatives here? Oh, they're a cash cow. Ask Pretit Patel. Ask about who's got the contract. How are they doing? Well, it seems, going to rake it in, especially with those special features they've got running - on desperate people.

And, of course, Pritit Patel ignored the warnings she was given about them. You thought people smugglers were the only blood suckers, try Home Office contractors.

See: UK ignored warnings over contractor behind Ukraine visa 'chaos'

From Jewel C

Monday, 14 March 2022

Not my usual go-to on political points but Simon's irrelevant rant got me rather like Thatcherite Preti Patel as serving no apparent purpose, without go-to for change or sense of compassion for the intensely traumatising pain & death being inflicted on at least 44 million totally innocent people & it's wider world consequences. More meaningless fluffing seems insignificant to Putin's psychopathic power-trip.

How have we again produced a world of helpless fear from one mad man wielding such total power without care, respect or trust? & how to solve? There is clear evidence from Syria & elsewhere that he will stop at nothing so if not now, then when & how to address his mindless evil-greed? Not just Russians seem silenced! 

We should pray for wisdom to prevail but in the face of Ukraine's unbearable suffering I see no option but to stand up to him before it's too late - at least providing no-fly zone? As lifelong pacifist psychologist, offering solidarity & spaces for desperately traumatised sanctuary seekers seems not enough. Can't believe I'm opting for conflict - can anyone with caring sense see better options? Talking about it might even help? 

From Jae Evans

Monday, 14 March 2022

Yes. I agree with both the above contributors.  And a life-long pacifist - isn't this a secure, and privileged position to take within a 'democracy'? Something that the Tory right wing are presently doing all they can to destroy - pay attention!  

Priti Patel is out of her depth and by definition - completely incompetent: this serves to distract from the equally incompetent and corrupt Government we presently have in the UK (they are far, far removed from traditional Tories, it is hard to define).

I feel devastated by the war on Europe's border - which is where it's at: For those who, voted BREXIT - Putin loves you!!!  A much weakened Europe and USA - this, is the result of the ''Take back control'' narrative: Hang your heads in regret? shame? and take responsibility for your short sighted vision of 'power' and 'control' in little England because this was fed to you wrapped up in the most self serving, manipulative and meaningless lies - you all played your part in  this horrific war in Ukraine.

Yes, I'm angry!  People are dying, while we seemingly sit back and carry on regardless.  Thanks to all those are able to do something, anything but it just isn't enough is it?