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Wild Flowers and Mowing

From Adrian Riley

Friday, 6 May 2022

There is a national campaign for "No-Mow May" to help our grassland flowers and pollinators. Calderdale Council are doing good work by leaving verges and other areas of grass uncut and giving us a greener future. 

Are Housing Associations and schools also on board with this? They still persist in cutting large areas of grass very frequently. It would be pleasing to know if my impression is mistaken and they have risen to the challenge of a "No-Mow May".

From Ms. P.Finch

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Sadly 'Together Housing' (previously Pennine) dont appear to be on board. 

Areas full of wild flowers are mown in Todmorden as if they didnt exist. Also residents own garden areas are often mistaken for weeds. Attempts to engage staff in a change of policy have so far failed. Guys on the ground say they are just following the job spec and would get in trouble if somewhere was left.

Managers need to rethink their policies.

From Jewel Chadwick

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

My experience like Pam's shows Together Housing shamefully indifferent to their impact on natural life. They 'did' Dodnaze verges last week in torrential rain so fast that some parts had plant roots ripped up whilst the rest was left still sprouting endless dandelions. Fortunately they didn't bother with steep slopes so some still intact with lovely foot-high weeds. 

But the really terrible problem with Together's hard workers is their insistence on spraying everything with deadly poisonous glyphosate Round-up. Every time we beg them to stop, it's just 'Tell the manager', name unknown or not available. This is due in next week or so - so would really great gift to Gaia if others can call to complain on 0300 5555 560 ASAP before we reach Silent Spring!

From Adrian Riley

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

 It appears Together Housing are not on board with ecological mowing for No-Mow May. I gave then the benefit of the doubt but all the wild flowers nearby have just been trashed. Strange how their ride-on mower culture can deliberately avoid the planted crocus leaves after they have flowered. I have tried in the past to get them to be reasonable and cut the margins and leave the remainder for a few weeks. But it seems they are stuck in a time-warp.