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Crown Street Boots

From Gillian MH

Sunday, 12 June 2022

I have nothing but sympathy for the staff in Crown St Boots, but Boots' decision to shut the Valley Road branch has resulted in a situation that is unpleasant at best, and dangerous at worst. People are being left without their medication because the staff are overwhelmed - having had their workload doubled since the branches were merged.

The GP practice is going to have to allow prescriptions to be fulfilled earlier since it is routinely taking longer than 3 working days for the pharmacists to clear the orders. Added to which, medication is often not in stock.

The branch has also recently shut without notice due to staff shortages. The queue build up - as often as not maskless - and the door closed, makes it quite the covid hotspot. Relevant to those of us who still need to take the risk seriously.

Boots have clearly done this as a cost cutting exercise, but the GP practice is going to have to liaise with Crown St to come up with a more workable system to the one currently in place. 

From Ms. P. Finch

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

I have always thought the Boots chemists locally are very poor premises, being in low ceilinged buildings with very little ventilation. It must be hard for the workers who are all crammed in at the back in a small working space. I've avoided going in a Boots chemist because of this and have also sent a request for better ventilation.

It seems very ironic that somewhere dealing with health issues has so little regard for health & safety.

From Susan Quick

Friday, 1 July 2022

I'm on regular medication which I collect from the private pharmacy next to Mytholmroyd doctor's surgery. The staff are charming and very helpfull. Under lockdown there were benches to sit on in the ornamental garden. It's right next to the bus stop from Hebden; may I suggest that Hebden Bridge Boots' customers transfer to Mytholmroyd and/or I understand we can have our prescription delivered to us at home.