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Advice sought for 'Community Ambassador'

From Chris Reason

Saturday, 30 July 2022

My friend Carrie has just been appointed 'Community Ambassador' for the town of Pickering in North Yorkshire. The role involves her trying to make Pickering a more 'eco' and 'shop local' kind of place as well as seeking to regenerate the Arts. She is looking to Hebden Bridge for inspiration.

Is there anyone who can offer her help and advice with the setting up of small cottage inudstries or co-ops? Pickering has many unoccupied shops that are crying out to be used in creative ways.

She's also looking to promote cycling and walking in the area. Pickering has a castle, a steam railway, the North Yorks moor on its doorstep. So there's plenty of potential to expand tourism.

Pickering is a town that is suspicious of new ideas so Carrie is going to need all the help she can get. If you've been involved in community initiatives in Hebden Bridge, you might be able to help. Carrie will be very grateful.

Her email address is carrieanne.brackstone@gmail.com