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From Joan Hobday

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

What's happening at the premises on the corner of Bridgegate?  It's a right blot in the town.  

Can't they be removed?

From Freddie B

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Whatever you think of the squatters Joan, it is genius to take an empty building and live there rent free while people cannot afford to pay rent to live here or move out of Hebden because they can't afford to live here. They must have saved themselves over 3k in rent payments so far, living in such a prime location. I don't know them personally but you have to admire that they are playing the system to their advantage. At least they had the gumption to try something unusual which not a lot of other people would.

However, they should move on once the business that owns the building has sorted the issues out that are pending. 

Is there any update on what is happening with the owners there?

From Michael Prior

Saturday, 1 October 2022

The squatters are making use of a building that has been empty and nearly derelict for years. Good luck to them

The lack of rented accommodation in Hebden Bridge has nothing to do with them. Indeed they may be a consequence 

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