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Public Toilets

From Lesley M

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

It's really good to see the public toilets near Hardcastle Crags are now open over the weekend and weekdays as well!  It is so uncivilised not to have public toilets available throughout the day as has now happened to Mytholmroyd.  All of us use public toilets at one time or another and it seems a poor reflection of society if we don't have them.

From Alan Truman

Sunday, 9 October 2022

There are plenty of public toilets in Mytholmroyd. Any of the pubs, cafes, community centre and furniture shop will allow you to spend a penny regardless of whether you are spending a pound - I think there is a council scheme in place. Most people I think would agree it works much better to have options. The previous offer of an ugly underused toilet block right in the centre of the village only in use from 9-6 was not really suitable.

From Lesley M

Thursday, 13 October 2022

Only an able man would make a comment like that: someone with the brass neck to go into a cafe/pub or whatever, use their loo and come out again.  Why should cafes and pubs and shops provide toilets for the general public?  Where do disabled people go?  Maybe you need to have baby changing facilities?

Replacing toilets with an unwanted sculpture seems such a waste of public funds.

From Alan Truman

Monday, 17 October 2022

Please don't assume to know about my abilities or how able I am. It's rather assumptive of you to make a judgement when you don't know me.

The community centre (open from 7 until 9) has a disabled loo and many of the others have baby change facilities with a "no judgement" of use policy.

Everyone I know, and having picked up local facebook chatter, is glad those ugly toilets are gone.

Perhaps if national government hadn't stripped local councils of 100s of millions, our local authority could afford to fritter away thousands on a woefully underused and ugly public convenience in a village that has many other toilet options nearby.

From Lesley M

Sunday, 30 October 2022

Visiting a tourist town recently I found that most of the cafes had a sign saying 'toilets are for the use of customers only'.  I wonder how Mr. Truman would manage in such a world.  Would he brazen it out?  Would he know where he could access freely available toilets?  Does he consider the needs of visitors or only residents who, like him, might already know of the availability of toilets locally?