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Spring water, climate change and planning applications

From J Bibby

Monday, 29 May 2023

Last summer, for the first time (to my knowledge), our spring water supply ran dry. With climate change and drier summers, those of us on spring water may need to expect, and adapt to, a lower flow.

However, just before the pandemic, a property at the head of our spring supply (that serves 7 households) converted outbuildings into two Airbnb units for 6 adults. Given 2022 was the first full year of visitors, this additional demand will have contributed to the loss of supply to the properties lower down the water course. 

The conversions do not have planning permission or building regulation approval. This means that they evade the requirement for water, waste and sewerage reports. We are awaiting advice from the council but as yet there is no resolution. 

As the dry weather commences, another summer with interrupted water supply is a real concern. If the council allows properties on spring water to convert outbuildings to Airbnb use, this risks making many homes in the valley unviable. 

I would be interested in any advice and experiences of this matter.

From Jon T

Friday, 2 June 2023

Please keep us informed. You could try contacting your local councillor. My one attempt along that line, on a different issue, resulted in a few emails denying any responsibility. It is educational, though.

From Tim M

Tuesday, 13 June 2023

There's a page to contact planning enforcement here .

Sounds like you need clarity over whether this development needs further approvals (sounds like it might do)