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Weird awsome light display

From Sean Chalmers

Friday, 5 January 2024

Last night riding home back to HX along the canal from Todmorden something like a bright moon caught my left eye.

I looked and thought "a bright moon with mysterious clouds effect.. cool" But then I stopped to take a proper look since the light was much smaller than the moon.

I was beholden to a light show that consisted of 3-4 lights dancing about and very very bright.. at first I believed them to be cyclists on the top of the hill.. but these were seemingly just above the hill in the clouds. The movements of the lights were astonishingly fast disappearing and re-appearing and a bit like fireworks?  Moving so fast horizontally and vertically that tracer effects were being left behind them. I got my head torch to flash back and get attention from them.. twice or more they would stop or one would stop as if paying attention to my torch.. then they would busy themselves over again.. finally they flew off one after the other at an extreme pace leaving tracers down the hillside.  Too slow to be cyclists and where is the track that they were playing on?

All the lights were creating lovely moody effects with the clouds.. awesome light show.. mundane reason or something weirder??

Seen from the top lock in elevation entering HB and so the lights were on my left above the hill .. hope someone else can say they saw them.. earth lights or something else?