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And how they changed Hebden Bridge

The Exhibition

How the Hippies Changed Hebden Bridge is an exhibition organised by the Hebden Bridge Local History Society. It aims to show how those who moved into our area in the 1970s - the locals called them 'hippies' - led to vast changes and a cultural renaissance of Hebden Bridge.

The Exhibition runs from Monday, 6 March for 5 weeks at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Booklet with personal memories

- now 22 chapters. Updated 31 March 2017

Boards - pdfs

Hebden Bridge in 1970

New Settlers and Housing

Creative talents

Counter Culture

Political activity


Books that inspired

Map showing where the new settlers lived


HebWeb News item

ITV Calendar piece - just over 2 mins


How the hippies shaped Hebden BridgeHow the hippies shaped Hebden Bridge: Report of the talk given by Chris Ratcliffe and Jenny Slaughter to a packed meeting of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society, telling of communal living, revolutionary politics, alternative lifestyles and more. Read report (2 Nov)


Photo Gallery of over 150 photos, split into 16 galleries. Updated 4 May 2017.

Hippies Exhibition



Woven in the Pennine Hills