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Boots = Tax Dodgers Protest - report

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Thanks to Calderdale Anticuts Group for the following

Approx 30 people gathered at 11am outside Boots in Halifax on Sat 11th December to protest the cuts, support the student resistance, and highlight the tax avoidance practices of Boots.

After a while handing out leaflets, shouting slogans and holding up signs outside saying 'Boots = Tax Avoiders' and 'Stop the Cuts - Tax the Rich', an attempt was made by some to enter the store.

Security guards ejected the protestors and one person was held in a
necklock and bundled to the floor. A scrum developed as other protesters
tried eventually successfully to release the person held by security.

Security then closed one entrance and guarded the other while encouraging shoppers to put the leaflets in a bin they'd handily provided! The protesters continued engaging Boots shoppers and passersby for some time before dispersing.

All in all a short but successful action that saw many people show their
support and confirmed that a growing number are ready to take action
against the cuts in Calderdale...

To get involved email calderdaleanticuts@riseup.net and/or subscribe to
the organising and discussion list at:

Town Hall Demo on 20th December

A demonstration organised by Calderdale Joint Unions against Cuts will be
held outside Halifax Town Hall when the Calderdale Council Cabinet nexts
meets to discuss the cuts on Monday 20th Dec at 5pm.

Boots = Tax Dodgers Protest This Saturday

Friday, 10 December 2010

Thanks to Calderdale Anticuts Group for the following

This Saturday 11th December
Halifax 11am
Outside Boots
Protest Against Corporate Tax Dodging

Boots moved their HQ from Sheffield to Switzerland to avoid paying tax.
They were paying ?131 million - now pay just under ?20 million.
This is a yearly tax dodge of ?111 million per year.

Each year in the UK the super rich and big business avoid approximately
?25 billion of tax.

The EMA payments to help fund working class kids stay in education cost
just ?100 million.... so making Boots pay up would mean we could save

Monday night's anti-cuts meeting in Halifax was attended by over 70. Many of us were anxious to put Calderdale 'on the map' in terms of anti-cuts protest and it was agreed we would target Boots this saturday.

Spread the Word and Come to the Protest!

There is a email group/list that has been started to help share info
about protests and demos. Subscribe to it we can use it to share ideas, info, etc. The list address is: calderdaleanticuts@lists.riseup.net

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