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Young People's March Against Cuts

Students will go the extra mile to make point against fees!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Thanks to Cormac O'Neill for the following news item

Young people are hiking more than 30 miles in the expected freezing cold to arrive at Sheffield Town Hall to protest against the raising of tuition fees passed on Thursday and the ongoing Coalition Cuts.

Sam Popper and Johnny McQuade, Hebden Bridge A-level students at Greenhead College, Huddersfield, helped organise the march. They said they were frustrated with those who said earlier student protests were 'an excuse to take time off school'. Sam Popper said: 'It is time to show that we are serious about our genuine opposition to the coalition fee increases, cuts to EMA and Lib Dem pre-election lies. We are not protesting just to miss college, and we are walking 30 miles in our own time and camping in the freezing cold to make our point'.

The 'Young People's March ' started at St George's Square, Huddersfield, at 9.00am today and will arrive in Sheffield by 3.00pm on Sunday. Hundreds more local activists are expected to join them to finish at the town hall.

Sam Popper added: 'In April 2010, Nick Clegg said that a rise in the cap on tuition fees to ?7000 would be 'a disaster', but now he and the 'Fib Dems' have allowed the Conservatives to carry through far worse and more discriminatory legislation including abolition of Education Maintenance Allowance which will hit the most vulnerable hardest'.

The marchers conclude with the statement:

'Our message today is simply to demonstrate the anger felt by many in society against our government's actions. We represent a nation of people who have been misled by the current government, a government whose Deputy Prime Minister said he would not raise tuition fees. He must be held to account for this.'

Facebook page: The Young People?s March Against Cuts ? From Huddersfield to Sheffield

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