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Hebden Bridge Flood funds - donations needed

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Thanks to Bob Deacon for this update

There are a number of flood victim funds all of which in different ways aim to support the flood victims of Hebden Bridge and the Valley more generally. The Donate Button on this page (right hand side) goes to the Community Foundation for Calderdale. Most of this money will go to households and community organisations with a small portion being redirected to businesses.

Boxing Day Floods

Boxing Day flood - Photo: HebWeb

So far about £800,000 has been collected. This will be matched by government making £1,600,000.

In Hebden Bridge, a major impact has been on small shops and cafes (See the HB Partnership report on the Impact of the Flood). Several other funds have been set up to help them (and therefore the town as a whole) recover. Seventy per cent of such businesses have no, or inadequate, insurance and money spent in these shops helps to employ people.

There is the Calderdale Rising crowd funding scheme for around 70 businesses including over 30 in Hebden Bridge. Click through on the web site to see the list of many of our favourite shops: Afghan, Beads, Bookcase, Bonsalls, Blazing Saddles, Calder Gallery, Crown Inn, Deli, Daisy and Sam, Dynamite, Hotcakes, Earth Spirit, Heart Gallery, Milk Bar, Element, Park Life Café, Pennine Wine and Cheese, Stubbing Wharf, Spirals, Something Sweet, Silly Billy, Shoulder of Mutton, Willow Tree and others. So far about £120,000 has been collected.

In addition are several individual fund raising schemes to help individual businesses. These include:

All of these funds close within the next couple of weeks. Some earlier. See web pages for details. Help is needed now. Do tell any rich friends you may have.

And don't forget Riverside School.

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