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Books for flooded schools success

Monday, 1 February 2016

Thanks to Michael Prior for this news item

Di Seymour and Michael Prior had little idea when they started asking children's books publishers for help restocking just how many they would get. We thought perhaps a couple hundred. Can you believe more than 2500? They can't say just how many because some boxes went straight to the schools as when Hachette actually sent up their own van with accompanying helpful drivers (see below)

Books for schools

Books for schools

Even more so when Findel Education with Gardner Books sent up a pallet load of 21 boxes which they had to give up sorting and leave it to the schools. (see above)

The full list includes Puffin, Dorling Kindersley, The Bookseller, Salariya, Little Tiger, cgp, Scholastic, Egmont, Walker, Andersen, Miles Kelly, Child's Play, Hachette, Findel, Gardner, Chicken House. Apologies if anyone has been left out. It all got a bit confusing at times.

Books for schools

Todmorden CoE's reception classroom

They found out about two more Calder schools in Todmorden hit by floods; Todmorden CoE and St Josephs RC Primary. The former lost all their reception and nursery material as well as all the equipment stored downstairs. David Hockney survived but not much else below waist level.

Books for schools

Books for schools

Central Street children with a small visitor

Books for schools

Riverside children

Books for schools

Burnley Road children

Books for schools

Waters Edge Nursery

They were able to get books to two local nurseries, Crossley Mill in Hebden Bridge and Waters Edge in Elland and there were some more which they can give to the Hebden Bridge library whose children's section was wiped out.

These children will be writing to the publishers with their thanks. The idea of children not having a story book in school when some of them have also been flooded out of their homes was what prompted Di and Mike to start this appeal. Now they have at least two each to share around including the excellent sartorial advice not to Wear Your Pants on Your Head Fred.

As well as the publishers, they would like to thank BookBrunch and The Bookseller for the publicity which so helped this campaign.

Di can now return to using her kitchen to cook in.

Books for schools

Di Seymour, whose idea it was, thinking
that it's about time to do some cooking.

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