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LovesongLittle Theatre:

by Abi Morgan

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Directed by Mike Bellenie

11-15 June, 7.30pm

Tickets £6-10, available here

The playwright, Abi Morgan, and celebrated theatre company, Frantic Assembly, collaborated on this unforgettable love story, about the 40-year marriage of Maggie and Billy, as Maggie’s illness threatens to end it.


Photos: Bruce Cutts

Past and present collide.

The kitchen and bedroom of Maggie and Billy’s house, where the walls were never scribbled on by longed-for children, are stalked by the ghosts of their younger selves: the smooth-skinned, radiant Margaret and William.


Photos: Bruce Cutts

An old woman walks into the wardrobe and a young woman walks out. An elderly man dances with the memory of his young wife; a young man makes love to the woman his new wife will eventually become.


Photos: Bruce Cutts

Lovesong is a radical departure for the Little Theatre, as the production will feature the unique choreography, for which Frantic Assembly is famous.


Photos: Bruce Cutts

The play runs from Monday to Saturday, 11-16 June, at 7.30pm. Get your tickets now, at Innovation or online at www.hblt.co.uk.

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