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Plan to open waste sites expected soon

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Calderdale's Labour leadership have confirmed that they expect plans to be announced shortly for reopening the Council's Household Waste and Recycling sites, as soon as officers confirm that it can be done so safely, sustainably, and legally.

Labour leader Cllr Tim Swift explains, "When the Government announced the 'lockdown' – the restrictions on movements to prevent the spread of the virus – the household waste sites were one of many services that had to close.

"Firstly, this was because the Government guidance (which then became law) was that people could only leave home for a limited number of reasons – and getting rid of waste was not one of them.

"Secondly, with our waste contractors facing significant staff shortages, we wanted them to make sure that the weekly doorstep recycling and waste services continued to operate as effectively as possible – so we encouraged them to put all their efforts into this.

"This has proven to be the right approach, with doorstep collections continuing despite much increased amounts of recycling and waste to be collected.

"Now that less staff are absent due to self isolation or other symptoms, we are putting plans together for a phased reopening of the household waste sites, and expect the Council to be making detailed announcements about this shortly.

"We are pleased that so many residents have understood the approach and worked to manage their waste and recycling safely during this difficult period. Thank you for your efforts.

"It is disappointing that an irresponsible minority have chosen to fly tip during this time, creating problems for other residents and increased costs for all of us. We are pleased that the Council's enforcement team are striving to make sure that wherever possible those responsible for fly tipping are identified and prosecuted."

Garden waste collections

In the meantime, fortnightly garden waste collections will now resume for existing subscribers on their usual collection day. Residents with subscriptions will be contacted directly by email or letter with further details. The missed collections this year will be taken into account and although details are still being worked out, residents will not miss out or be charged for collections they did not receive while the service was suspended.


The council have said that fly-tipping is a serious crime and all instances of fly tipping will be investigated further. If people witness fly tipping, in all cases, having as much information as possible helps to bring successful prosecutions. The following details are most helpful: 

• The day, date, time and location of the fly tipping;

• A description of any people involved;

• What was fly tipped and how much;

• Details of any vehicle involved, including registration number, colour, make and model;

• Any photo evidence.

Fly tipping can be reported at www.calderdale.gov.uk/doitonline