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Swarm Season is Here!

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Swarming season

With the warming of the weather it’s time for the bees to start swarming in the valley. If you get a swarm in your garden you should ring a local beekeeper immediately and get them to remove the swarm as soon as you can.

Don’t let them settle in your house or you may have a problem further down the line when the hive becomes well established in your eaves!  

Bees are very placid and easygoing when they swarm but it’s still a good idea to keep children and animals away from the colony.

If you have a swarm in the Mytholmroyd / Hebden Bridge area you can ring Redacre beekeepers on 07804 966 338, if you live out of those areas then use the look up tool on the The British Beekeepers Association website to find a swarm collector.

The British Beekeepers Association website

Thanks to Meg Allen for this info