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Moorland burning: an update

Thursday, 21 July 2022

One of the aims of Hebden Royd's Climate Action Plan is to protect our precious peat bogs and restore them as a carbon sink. In the past, many local residents have been concerned about the practice of controlled burning on our moors and the effect this may have on both the health of the peat and risk of flooding. 

Photo: Mick Garratt

Just over a year ago new regulations were introduced that prohibit burning in many parts of our uplands (though not all) - but it isn't widely understood where these regulations are likely to apply.

With that in mind, we have now produced a map and information explaining the new regulations. This map uses government data on peat depth - but please note that this is not always accurate so the map gives an indication of where burning may be restricted, but isn't a definitive guide.

Access the map

If you believe an illegal burn has taken place you can report it directly to Natural England's Enforcement Team (England by calling 0300 060 3900 or email.