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Flood Alleviation Scheme - update

Friday, 21 October 2022

The Environment Agency have announced that to assist with the design and future construction of the Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme, Environment Agency field teams will shortly be carrying out some minor vegetation management work to a small number of short river wall sections along Hebden Water and the River Calder.

Cutting back some of the vegetation will enable design engineers to assess the condition of the existing walls. This will ensure the proposed flood alleviation scheme design can be delivered effectively at these locations. Undertaking this work now will reduce the risk of design change during construction.

The in-channel vegetation works are scheduled to take place across a three day period between 24th October and 4th November. Whilst any disruption from this work will be minimal, there may be some noise from electric hand tools whilst the work is carried out. The team will do their best to minimise any disturbance. Work will be carried out between 08:30-17:00.

Environmental surveys have been undertaken and all work has been reviewed and approved by the Agency's Fisheries, Biodiversity and Geomorphology teams.

Following completion of the vegetation management, an engineering team will be able to undertake visual condition assessments from the river channel at a later date.

If you have any questions about the flood alleviation schemes for Hebden Bridge, Stubbing Holme Road or Erringden Hillside, staff from the project team will be available in Hebden Bridge Town Hall every Monday from 10am 2pm, starting 31 October.