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Town Council Launches Cost of Living Grants

Monday, 31 October 2022

Details have been announced by Hebden Royd Town Council today of a grant scheme available to support local organisations and groups looking to:

  • To support the most vulnerable from hunger and enable food insecure individuals and families to achieve their nutrition and health needs.
  • To provide resources to organisations to host 'warm spaces' and activities associated with these which may or may not include community meals, in addition to their usual meetings, and to support the applicant to ensure they are well attended.
  • HRTC is open to innovative approaches that support those affected by the cost of living crisis.
  • Organisations and groups must ensure that provision is coordinated across Hebden Royd and any duplication of provision is minimised.

The event/ activity/ programme must take place primarily within the boundaries of Hebden Royd, with beneficiaries primarily resident in Hebden Royd. Groups must also coordinate with other organisations to ensure limited resources have the maximum impact.

Hebden Royd Town Council has set an initial budget of £30,000 to assist local organisations and groups with requests being considered by a specially established committee that will meet regularly.

Councillor Richard Needham, Chair of the Cost-of-Living Committee, said, "Community groups are working hard to respond to the crisis facing many individuals and families. Our response has been to set aside some resources to support them and ensure that their efforts are coordinated."

To apply for a grant and for further information, please contact the Town Clerk, Jason Boom via email.