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Natural History Exhibition at Hebden Bridge Town Hall

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

A new group in Hebden Bridge has launched a colourful and fascinating Natural History exhibition at the Town Hall in the hope of finding like minded people to join a new society.

The group is called HebNat, Hebden Bridge Natural History Society, and hopes to run a series of walks and talks throughout the year. Some of these will include; migrant birds in Hardcastle Crags; learn all about our local otters and how to spot their tracks and trails; discover our unique grassland fungi including the spectacular Waxcaps; find out about our moorland plants including the carnivorous sundew; and also opportunities to hear local experts talk about our rich and diverse nature.

The Calder Valley has long been associated with famous naturalists and the exhibition gives an insight into some from the 18th and 19th centuries who were renowned in their fields.

Perhaps the greatest was James Bolton, who in the late 1700s, was the first naturalist in the country to accurately draw and describe plants, his masterpiece being "A history of funguses growing around Halifax".

In the next century Samuel Gibson, John Nowell and James Needham also made their names, all known nationally for their work. We are fortunate to still have the records of James Needham. In 1905, together with some like-minded associates, he was instrumental in creating the Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society and for many years the Naturalist group was one of the most thriving in the society. All their extensive and detailed records are still to be found in the South Pennine Archive at the Birchcliffe Centre.

To find out more about the early naturalists, Richard Rainbow will be talking about them for Hebden Bridge Local History Society on Wednesday 14th December 2022 at Royd Methodist Church at 7.30pm. More info.

The exhibition covers the effects that pollution has had on local flora and fauna and highlights many plants that are no longer found here. However, it also shows that there is hope for the future with recent finds and returning wildlife.

The exhibition also features some superb wildlife photographs from some local Calderdale photographers, Phil Dyson, John Marsh and Dan Rooke.

'Birds, fungi, flowers, moths and moss- there is always something exciting happening in the Calder Valley. We will be organising rambles and events led by local experts throughout the year.' Come and join us.
The exhibition will run until the end of the November. For more information go to www.hebnat.org.uk.