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Friday, 5 January 2024

Swimming Pool Latest

New Committee is exploring unheated, open air pool option

The HebWeb has been covering the issue of the Swimming Pool almost since it started in 1995. Local supporters were enthusiastic about plans for a pool on the Assoociation's land off Victoria Road in Hebden Bridge. This prime spot was sold for still unknown reasons. Next, it was hoped that the pool could be built on land adjoining Mytholmroyd Community Association. That didn't happen. The Association has nearly £1m, raised by supporters, and the selling of the Hebden Bridge site.

See below for links to previous news coverage and forum discussion on the HebWeb.

For 2024, a reconstituted Pool Asssociation has come up with another 'vision'.

The Hebden Royd and District Swimming Pool Association (HRDSPA) has adopted a new vision for an open air swimming pool cleaned by natural processes. They want the natural pool to nestle into Calderdale's beautiful landscape and enhance its biodiversity whilst providing a safe and accessible space for all members of the community to enjoy.

The charity took on three new directors at its AGM in November, following the death of trustees Richard Marshall and Margaret Blakeley.

Nick Wilding, chair of the HRDSPA, said "We are delighted to welcome Clara Collett, Maggie Smallwood and Louise Heppleston onto the board of the Hebden Royd and District Swimming Pool Association."

Dorothy Sutcliffe, long standing member of the HRDSPA, said, "I'm 90 years old now and I have been trying to get a swimming pool built in the Calder Valley for the past half a century. These younger people have the vision and practical skills to make it happen."

Louise Heppleston, who is leading community engagement activities for the new board, commented "I am a keen wild swimmer but lots of people can't enjoy open water swimming because places are inaccessible. My job is to talk to the local community and find out what people want from the pool."

Clara Collet said, "As well as community engagement, our main focus is to find a suitable site for the pool - we've had some suggestions but would welcome any new ideas."

Maggie Smallwood, the new secretary, said, "Our pool will create a space for nature as well as people. A natural pool will be cheaper to run as well so it makes the scheme more viable financially."

The Trustees

The trustees of the Association (re-) appointed at the AGM in November are: Nick Wilding, Chairperson; Maggie Smallwood, Secretary; Louise Heppleston, Community Engagement; Clara Collett, Treasurer; Dorothy Sutcliffe.

Website and Facebook

The Association has published a Facebook page and interim website in January 2024. These show the new vision and values together with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and opportunity to respond to the trust's consultation. The contact email for all enquiries is

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