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Twinning Society:
New Officers

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

The AGM of the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society took place on Tuesday 30th January at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Val Stevens (President) and Andrew Bibby (Treasurer) had both agreed when elected in 2021 to serve for 2 years only (due to pressure of other business).

Left to right: President David McKay, Vice-President Jenny Slaughter,
Treasurer Julie Yates, Secretary Jane Jackson

David McKay (Vice-President of the HBTS) was elected as the new President. Val Stevens warmly commended his nomination. She noted his extensive experience of twinning in Norwich, (Norwich/ Rouen Friendship Association) before he retired and moved to Calderdale. Since joining the HBTS he has worked assiduously for the society and supported us in many ways. "Deeds not Words" (E Pankhurst) as Val remarked.

Jenny Slaughter was proposed as the new Vice-President. Jenny has played an active role in Hebden Bridge since arriving 50 years ago! She founded and still runs Pennine Cropshare, a not-for-profit organization supplying healthy locally grown food. Jenny is a long-term Francophile participating in the French Book Club, and as a child spent most school holidays in Westfalia, so very knowledgeable regarding both France and Germany.

In nominating Julie Yates as Treasurer A Bibby said he has always believed in succession planning and felt that with her background in finance she was ideal to take over from him as Treasurer. The HBTS are very lucky that she agreed to the proposal!

Jane Jackson was re-confirmed in her post as Secretary, and David thanked her on behalf of the HBTS for her hard work in the year.

New members for the HBTS are always welcome! Anyone who is interested please contact Jane Jackson.

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