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Sewage protest in Hebden Bridge

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Activists from 'Friends of the River Calder' organised a protest this weekend to remind the new government to prioritise river sewage issues.

The public were invited to play a carnival-inspired 'Hook a Poop' in Hebden Bridge town centre. People were given 32 seconds to scoop as many plastic poops out of the water as they could, representing the 32,732 hours that raw sewage was discharged into the River Calder in 2023 (an average of 11.3 times a day), officially making it the most polluted river in the country.

Channel 4 News was present to cover the protest and will feature it in a segment airing on Thursday night.

Spokesperson Matt Paton said, "Yorkshire Water claim they are investing in the region's sewage treatment network, but we all know that's only because of public outrage over the past few years, so we have to keep the pressure up.

"While 'hook a poop' was a playful action, there's a serious message for the new MP and Labour government about preventing further damage to our environment. The River Calder, being one of the most polluted rivers in the country, should be a cause for embarrassment."

"We're asking people to get in touch with their local councillors and MPs, reminding them that now is the time to hold the water companies accountable".

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