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Slow the FlowHelp needed to Slow the Flow

3 December 2017

See below for the Slow The Flow Volunteer Dates at Hardcastle Crags for 2018

After nearly a year working with The National Trust at Hardcastle Crags, Slow The Flow Calderdale have now built 117 leaky woody dams using over 100 volunteers.

Slow The Flow would like to say a massive "Thank you" if you have helped in any way to build these leaky dams which are already working to slow the flow in the Calder Valley.

Early indications are that these leaky woody dams in Hardcastle Crags are working to slow the flow and reducing the impact of flood water finding its way down the Calder Valley. Formal results of how much water has been slowed will be published by Slow The Flow in the New Year!

Certain in the knowledge that what they are doing works to reduce the impact of amount of water finding its way to the towns and villages in Calderdale, this voluntary work will continue into 2018. However, they still need volunteers to continue with this important work.

Volunteers are asked to meet next Sunday 10th December and then the following Saturday 16th December. Full training and a briefing will be given. Volunteers are asked to wear suitable clothing and to bring their own refreshments.

Dates for 2018 are - Jan 14th, Feb 11th, March 11th, April 8th, May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, Aug 12th, Sept 9th, Oct 14th, Nov 11th and Dec 9th.

There is still lots to do, not just in Hardcastle Crags, but across the Calder Valley and Slow The Flow are working to identify other areas which would benefit from the installation of these leaky dams. If you know of such an area, please do get in touch with them so that a survey can be arranged.

Lastly, if you would simply like to see what Slow The Flow are doing at Hardcastle Crags, they will be giving a guided tour next Sunday 10th December at 9.30am.

Please email to book your place. It will last around an hour and you are then welcome to stay and help build a leaky dam or two!

More info at www.slowtheflow.net