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The Save Miss Rusty and Steve Cann campaign is rapidly gathering support with over 800 members of the Facebook Group where there are dozens of recent messages of support from parents, students and ex-students. See also Hebweb Forum messages. - 17 March

Food Festival for Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd

Our Hebden Royd Mayor failed in her bid to be selected for the Keighley parliamentary seat, but came a respectable second. Now Cllr Susan Press is going to stand for the Calder Valley constituency. Cllr Janet Oosthuysen was originally selected by the local Labour Party, then rejected by Labour's National Executive. See Grimmer up North on our blogs page - 15 March

Small Ads currently include job vancanices, houses and flat to rent and share


Australia's Emily Barker plays the Trades - more info about forthcoming nights at the Trades - 17 March

Emily Barker

Free insulation for some homes. Aerial survey of heat loss. Hebweb asked Calderdale about HB terraced houses. - 13 March

Joanne Harris

Author Joanne Harris to open new Hebden Bridge Library on Saturday, 21st March. Read more

Above: Police called as students walk out of lessons to demonstrate outside Calder High School this morning in support of the two suspended teachers - see below - 11 March

A second highly respected and popular teacher, Steve Cann
, has been suspended from the Calder High School. When the Hebden Bridge Web contacted Calder High, they refused to give us any information about their reasons. It is widely believed to be connected with the furore around the earlier suspension of Ms Rustamova or "Rusty" as she is affectionately known. See discussion on Hebweb Forum and the Facebook group Save Miss Rusty's Job which currently has 750 members. More info as it comes into the Hebweb - 10 March

Alarm grows over plans which may disturb Acre Mill's deadly asbestos - new group outline their fears to the HebWeb. Read more - 10 March

PROPOSED DEMOLITION OF CENTRAL LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES building in Halifax - see news item. (updated, 9 March) Professor Pat Hudson has written to the Hebweb in the hope of mobilising local opposition to plans to demolish the Library and Archives building in Halifax, See Forum -

WHEELIE BINS AND KERBSIDE: "We'll see you in Court" says Kerbside. (See Courier article). Paul Brannigan of Kerbside calls for community action. Other correspondents to the Hebweb Forum are threatening a "dirty protest" of non-cooperation. Read more - 1 March

A call for cycling ideas from from the Sustainable Transport Group: Read more - 2 March


Wheelie Bins - Hebweb correspondent receives response to Freedom of Information request. Read more - 27 Feb

"Fustian Knife" type art for Mytholmroyd Square - artists invited to suggest ideas - 27 Feb

Council tax to rise by under 2% - see news - 24 Feb

Civic Trust - speakers at AGM. Read more - 16 Feb

Gibson Mill

Thanks to Anthony Bowler for sending this stunning photo which we are using to illustrate our feature on Gibson Mill. To see more Hebden Bridge Web features click here

Quinteto Mambo Jambo at the Trades

Read more


KERBSIDE CRISIS: Calderdale Council have finally decided to launch an independent inquiry into the issuing of the Sita contract and how Kerbside was sidelined. - 20 Feb

Crime in Hebden Bridge - report of Tuesday's 6 weekly ward meeting - 18 Feb

PARKING: have your say! See report of Thursday's consultation and the opportunity to comment. - 14 Feb

The search for Yorkshire's green champions, and government support for rail service improvements. See news - 11 Feb

Ian Coates

Hebden Bridge's Ian Coates has been travelling around the world on his Honda for ten years now. Latest photos and messages - see Hebweb feature - 22 Feb

"a good school . . . with a rich and varied curriculum . . . strong links with the local community." Read more, including Hebweb news from 1997 to show how different it was then. - 11 Feb

Credit Crunch casualties: Laughing Gravy and Hebden House close- See news and forum

Wheelie Bins and Wheelie Bin Roadshows are on the way. Read more - 10 Feb

Those attending the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Open Meeting were the first to hear that Mark Steel has been booked for this year's Festival. - 4 Feb

Calderdale/SITA cut refuse collections to once a fortnight, and attempt to bypass Kerbside. Wheelie bins - even for those living on steep hills. Read more - 5 Feb - see also recent Forum messages on Kerbside and wheelie bins

Handmade Parade

Handmade Parade 2009 - read more

Hebden Bridge Shops closing - see Forum - 11 March

Mouldy Joes

St Patrick’s Day Shenanigans at The Trades
Read more - 9 March

Paul Brannigan

Kerbside's Paul Brannigan to fight election

Read more - 4 March

Transfer of Town Hall to community ownership one step closer. Read more - 4 March

Joanne Harris

Linda Green

Hebden Bridge plays starring role in the new novel from Linda Green: 10 Reasons Not to Fall in Love Read more - 3 March

New Valley Fibres group - see events or news

Join the Handmade Parade Samba Band: beginners welcome! Read more - 3 March

Walkers Are Welcome weekend

Calder High Teacher Suspension - one of the characters featured in the offending book has written to the HebWeb Forum about the "ill-treatment of a loved teacher". Read more and see FaceBook group Save Miss Rusty's Job which now has over 600 members.

BIG GREEN WEEKEND - This year's BGW will be bigger and better than ever! And include a Big Green Debate between parliamentary candidates Read more about some of the activities planned - 24 Feb

New section - Hebweb site map

Central Street Saga - Hebden Royd Town Council are urging people to write to Calderdale about the long needed repairs to this corner of our town. Read more - 21 Feb

Central Street

New Station Road car park may be free on Saturdays - more info

Transition Town

Boxing Awards scheme launches in Hebden Bridge - don't worry, no hitting or being hit. Read more - 17 Feb

Kate Daker


The Facebook group Save Miss Rusty's Job taken down temporarily after pressure, is now working again with over 600 members - 8 Feb

The Hebweb and several of our contacts have been phoned and emailed by the Mail on Sunday who say they are "working on this story". We understand the Mail reporter is having problems finding someone prepared to talk. - 6 Feb

Students demonstrate as popular teacher is suspended for publishing book to help young people to read. See Forum thread. - 3 Feb

The canal - Monday, 2nd February
Click image to enlarge

2010 will mark the 500th anniversary of the Packhorse Bridge. Click here to see projects planned or already underway

Yellow lines

New on the Hebden Bridge Web:
Local Bloggers - including the very moving accounts from by Sharyn Lock of Hebden Bridge who is helping out in Gaza and currently four others.

KERBSIDE CRISIS: Director calls for firm action from local Calderdale councillors and MPs as Kerbside's existence is further threatened by falling prices of recycled materials. Read more - 29 Jan

GARDEN STREET DOCUMENT LEAK TO HEBWEB - David Fletcher's response - 26 Jan

Generate your own energy

Iinterested in generating energy for your home? Three information events at the Alternative Technology Centre. More info - 23 Jan

Calder Valley's choice as Labour Candidate, Janet Oosthuysen, has been rejected by Labour's National Executive - see Yorkshire Post article and forum - 20 Jan

The Woodman - plans submitted - see Planning Watch

Calder High results - figures published today show 2008 GCSE results the same as 2007 - 52% received 5 A-C grades, including Maths and English. A level results showed marked improvement with an average of 772 points per student. More info. - updated 16 Jan


A document leaked to the Hebden Bridge Web shows information previously not available to the public, including the facts that the Council would have sold Garden Street to David Fletcher for £1, they hoped subsequently to receive up to £400,000 from the development project, and much more. See news item and document - 11 Jan

Garden Street Action Group condemns flawed financial deal and how officers ignored public rejection of scheme. Read more - 12 Jan

Hebden Bridge Street Angels - hope to be on our streets by Easter - see news report of Tuesday's meeting

Community payback
- a team of men and women have been undertaking unpaid work around Hebden Bridge as part of a community order. Read more - 6 Jan

Sharp fall in Hebden Bridge crime rate
Report of the first of a series of regular one hour meetings planned for 2009 between the police and our local community. - 7 Jan

Below: Vigil for Gaza in the centre of Hebden Bridge on Friday 2nd January.

Hebden Bridge has a new charity, set up to bring new life to the landmark Town Hall building opposite the market in St George’s Street. More info - 23 Jan

Town Hall

Kids' activities at the Trades

Trades Club launches Saturday afternoon
kids' fun sessions - read more - 21 Jan

Central Street - Tory Cabinet member explains why funds were refused. Read Forum thread 20 Jan

Forum discussion: Central Street, Gaza Vigil, Garden Street, Kerbside and much more

Little Theatre Garden gets make-over
Read more - 13 Jan

New: Language Cafe opens in Hebden Bridge - 8 Jan

Susan Press

Hebden Royd Mayor aims for Parliament - Town councillor Susan Press  is hoping to be Labour's choice for the Keighley constituency at the next General Election. Read more - 10 Jan

Carols in the Square

Carols in the Square - see more photos

Gaza vigil

Hebden Bridge protest against Israeli bombing - more info

New Wet Play Area for Calder Holmes park
Read more - 6 Jan

UFOs - latest - see forum

Below: some of the many hundreds who gathered for carols in the square this Christmas Eve


Here is a sample of the hundreds of news items which have appeared on the Hebden Bridge Web over the past 12 months. Town controversy centred on the Garden Street Development, Calderdale's attempts to close down Kerbside and the Fustian Knife sculpture in the square. Hebden Bridge's cultural life was greatly enriched by another successful Arts Festival, the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade and the World on your Doorstep Festival. Read more

David Fletcher has put in an appeal against refusal of planning permission. See Planning Watch for having your say. See also The Garden Street Development, a Hebweb feature giving the background and news from 2004 until the present. - 23 Dec

Trades Club performers - Christmas hits. Hear Christmas in Hebden Bridge by Tia McGraff

Read more

Tia McGraff

There are plans to demolish old fire station and tarmac as temporary car park. See news.

Vending Machine at the Station. What do you think?. See Forum - 19 Dec

Sita refuse to recycle with Kerbside. Public urged to write to the 7 Conservative members of the Calderdale Cabinet, and Hazel Blears, and return their Sita boxes. More info - 9 Dec

Local recycling firm gives Kerbside a Christmas boost

Snow - see photos with many thanks to those who sent in their pictures.- 7 Dec

“Calder High is a good school.” This is the judgement of the Ofsted inspection team who said that our local comprehensive has a number of “outstanding” features including an excellent curriculum and an “exceptional” range of additional activities. More info 3rd Dec

Local journalist and "visionary" GEOFF TANSEY WINS BBC FOOD AWARD. Hebweb report - what was said and why Geoff's work is so important. "The food system doesn't work. A billion people starve or are hungry and 1.3 billion are overweight or obese"

Geoff Tansey

John Craven
Countryfile - John Craven was out and about around Hebden Bridge to record an edition of Countryfile for BBC1

Hebden Bridge Trail on your iPod, with audio narration by local actor, Rob Garrett. See our audio-video section or the Hebden Bridge History Walks page

Town Talk 12 - from Hebden Royd. Read attacks on Calderdale over its failure to recycle with Kerbside, and for the lack of progress with Central Street improvements. Also disability issues, station car park and a list of Town councillors.

Swimming Pool Association - questions still unanswered, once again being asked. Trustee Dorothy Sutcliffe fails to attend council meeting for second time. See forum thread - 7 Dec

Expand Hebden Skatepark - video now available - Following its premier at the Trades you can now see the film on You Tube. The film explains why the space is so well used and the desperate need for its expansion.

Street Science comes to Hebden Bridge - listen to the discussion at the Alternative Technology Centre between a leading nuclear scientist and those opposed to nuclear energy. Radio 4, 3.45 pm Tuesday 2nd December. Listen again now

Kerbside public meeting

KERBSIDE PUBLIC MEETING - over 200 hundred people turned out this cold Saturday (29th) morning. Cllr Peter Coles: "I am ashamed of what Calderdale has done to Kerbside". Paul Brannigan: Calderdale were not interested in recycling before Kerbside and now local people have voted overwhelmingly for Kerbside black boxes. Report and photos

Photos section - updated

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