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Hebden Bridge Rain Garden Planter Launch Party

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

PlantersCalder Rivers Trust, Hebden Bridge Community Association and Slow The Flow Calderdale are hosting a public drop-in 'launch party' on Friday 29th June, 15:30 -18:30, to celebrate the installation of rain garden planters in the courtyard at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

The rain garden planters are an example of how Calderdale's residents and businesses can help to improve riverside biodiversity and reduce the risk of surface water flooding in the urban environment.

The location is apt, given the key role that Hebden Bridge Town Hall played in supporting the community following the Boxing Day Flood of 2015.


This project has been made possible by a grant from Postcode Local Trust, a grant-giving charity funded by players of People's Postcode Lottery. The planters have been designed and built by local companies 2B Landscape Consultancy Ltd and Green Future Building.

The planters will be installed by volunteers on 25th and 26th, ahead of a celebratory afternoon on Friday 29th.


Opening, and entertainment

The Mayor of Hebden Royd, Cllr Carol Stow, will officially open the planters, and entertainment will be provided by Calder Valley Youth Theatre and Hebden Bridge Junior Band.

Representatives from all the partner organisations will be on hand to answer questions and more information will be available about how the planters help to slow the flow of flood water, the importance of riverside biodiversity, and how to help by building your own.


Free light refreshments during the afternoon will also be available.

The planters are part of the 'You Can Slow The Flow' project, which helps us all to understand how urban Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) like rain gardens, green roofs, swales, and permeable paving can play a part in flood alleviation.

Amanda McDermott from 2B Landscape Consultancy said, "We are very lucky in the Calder Valley to have some incredible people working on projects such as this to alleviate flood risk and improve our environment. Natural Flood Management lessons learnt here are being shared around the UK. These will be the first publicly accessible rain garden planters in Calderdale, which will enable our community to see how they work and how easy they are to install .

"We hope that these new ways of reducing flood risk will be embraced by the whole community – much like recycling, small interventions can have a big impact, but only if lots of people get involved."

Matt Machuoki from 2B Landscape Consultancy said, "Amanda McDermott's house in Mytholmroyd was flooded in 2015. She is involved with Slow The Flow Calderdale and works for 2B Landscape Consultancy. As landscape architects, 2B are passionate about the need for sustainable drainage to be considered in the design of all new developments and retro-fitted where possible into existing sites.

"One of the benefits of strengthening green infrastructure is that it can be used to help mitigate the results of increasingly severe and frequent storm events arising from climate change. This project provides a great opportunity for people to learn more about the importance of sustainable drainage and how we can apply it in our own homes and workplaces."

Geoff Sweaney from Calder Rivers Trust said, "Sustainable drainage means less water entering the sewers and spilling into the rivers. Not only does that reduce our flood risk, it stops pollutants entering the river with the storm water. These rain gardens are an excellent way of engaging people with this concept, and it's an idea we can all take home with us".


More info at www.slowtheflow.net