Motion Theory, Salsa, quiz and 20/20 cricket at the Trades

Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Trades will be putting on the 20/20 cricket match between England and Australia at 7 pm on Tuesday. It'll be on the big screen from 6.45. Come down and join us!

Motion TheoryHotly tipped rockers Motion Theory bring their lounge metal act with a hint of progressive rock to The Trades on Friday September 4th promoting their debut album ‘Featherhead‘.

All four members of the band are classically trained musicians who formed the band at Durham University recording a six track EP ‘Sunlight in the Sand’ leading to a sell-out national tour.

This tour is plugging ‘Featherhead ‘which the band describe as a quantum leap forward in their material with something for all rock mans but the Yorkshire Evening Post says it is ‘in the vein of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.’

Bizarrely bassist James Kerr and drummer Will Soutter were in the same choir that won the BBC’s Songs of Praises’ Choir of the Year competition but they’re no choirboys these days.

The weekend kicks off with another round of the monthly quiz on Thursday September 3rd as teams large and small battle it out in a test of knowledge that has the worst prizes in the valley but the biggest ego boost for the winners.

As Strictly Come Dancing returns to our screens the club’s Salsa team host another night of latin dancing kicking off with a warm up session on Sunday September 6th with an hour’s warm up session at 8pm and then three hours of freestyle dancing.

“The last time we had a rock night it was packed out so we’re hoping local rockers will turn put to see one of the best young bands on the scene who are filling venues much larger that ours with some beautifully composed and played tunes,” Trades Club spokesperson Paul Clarke told the Hebden Bridge Web.

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Motion Theory

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