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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

World premiere for Hebden Bridge Arts Festival first short film commission

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival is hosting the world premiere of postman turned auteur Kevin Boniface's debut short, The Rookery.

Kevin BonifaceBy day Boniface was posting letters round Huddersfield, but after his shift he was using funding from an Arts Festival micro-commission to make his half hour long film taking an outsider's view of Hebden Bridge which has its premiere at the Picture House on 5 September at 5pm.

In a departure from Boniface's normal style he took his habitual recording of sound and vision away from its usual locations and concentrated solely on Hebden Bridge. Very early in the process the chatter of the ever-present jackdaws was picked up by the audio equipment and soon became a focus for the film.

Throughout the movie the jackdaws share space with a vast range of local characters walkers, bikers, canal boaters, skaters, the man who is inside a burger bun, the woman with the purple fleece and matching hair, Coco and Dior, a crocodile of primary school children, a pedigree Weimaraner, and even a psychic evening featuring psychometry.

Kevin Boniface said, "It's a dream come true to have my first film shown in a historic, community owned cinema like the Picture House. None of this would have been possible without the funding from the Arts Festival, but, as importantly, the co-operation of the townfolk who really got behind the project."

The free screening of The Rookery is the festival's first short film commission and is part of their move to putting on a series of one off events throughout the year.

Artistic Director Helen Meller said: "We originally wanted to put Kevin's beautiful film on during the main festival, but he needed to put a few finishing touches to it, so we decided to make it a free event as a thank you to everyone who supported the festival.

"It is a total vindication of us creating micro-commissions with small pots of money to support emerging talent who have a great idea, so we're delighted that Kevin has really delivered something special and done Hebden Bridge proud."

The free screening of The Rookery is at Hebden Bridge Picture House on 5 September with doors open at 4.30pm.

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